About Us


Have you ever suffered from the back pain and spasms so that you couldn't sleep at night? That’s what I experienced after giving birth to my twins and taking care of them. My chiropractor told me that after pregnancy my back muscles became weak and I had to wear a support belt. I did not manage to find a belt with strong support, thin and nifty at once. Thus I invented a new design, and having established the women's business; I decided to sell the belts under the trademark AVESTON.

Thus was born a series of orthopedic products :

-back brace, neck support pillow, knee pillow etc.

My team works directly with production and we check personally every lot and every unit. FDA certifies our products. In this way, we'd like to give you the best price for the best quality.

We appreciate having you as our customer and look forward to serving you again!

Our Mission

To help people improve their health and live a full life